Back to Bullet Journaling with a Free Hand Drawn Printable

It’s been such a busy July that no one planner can contain me! I’m back to bullet journaling in a big way, and I’m so excited to share a new free printable and a few new designs with you!


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Mid Year Planner Stack

I am so happy with my mid-year planner stack. I have to be honest. I totally did not plan for everything to be turquoise! When I realized I inadvertently coordinated, I snapped a pic and haven’t stopped staring at it since.

The top planner is a Leuchtturm1917 dotted medium journal that I got when I nabbed a seat at the Bujo Babe table at Go Wild. Hands-down the best table.


I’ve been using it daily as a wellness journal. I’m a Weight Watcher – woot. So I need somewhere to track my points. Most people use the app now, but seeing as I can (a) never find my phone and (b) like to color, pen and paper work just fine for me. Not any pen, of course, I’ve been working mainly in Papermate Flair and Tombow.


I’ve been loving my new wellness journal, and wanted to share so I created a 15 page, full color printable based on this bujo. I started making printables because I love to bujo everyday, but I don’t always have the time. It’s nice to have printables on hand and ready to go. I’ve been known to paste them right into my journals. Makes them nice and chunky.


Break for #penporn.

Pen Collection, AKA #penporn

Second in my stack is a new Ashley G. planner from Blue Sky. I can’t tell you how much I love this planner. I was back at Target (raging through the One Dollar Playground) and nearly bought another one because I love it so much.Β This one is the 7×9 vertical and cost under $20. I am so happy that beautiful, substantial, quality planners are finally becoming available at reasonable prices.

I’m using this one as a work planner. Blogging is a real job! I have two websites and about ten social media accounts that I’m keeping track of on the daily. I’d say that easily qualifies for a dedicated planner. As if I need an excuse to buy another planner!

I’ve been stamping and scribbling all over this Ashley G. It’s not my most attractive one, but it sure sees a lot of action! Here’s a sample pen test page. It takes the pen really well. There’s a bit of super light shadowing but no bleed except for the Sharpie – but Sharpie bleeds through metal, so that’s to be expected.


Planner #3 and #4 are my go-to Happy Planners. The Classic HP, Happy Mind, Happy Life 18 month, is my weekly and the Big HP is what I use as a monthly family planner and basically a binder for every other scrap of paper coming in and out of my life. There’s a lot of paper around here.

While I love my HPs – the paper, the discs, the stickers, oh my! – I just haven’t been satisfied with the weekly vertical set-up lately. I have either too many things to jot down and not enough room, or no plans at all and I end up with big, empty spaces.

So to continue on my bujo kick, I threw some HP graph inserts in and bujo’d my week. I love the HP paper so much. It’s so smooth and thick. Like writing on Card Stock’s more impressive and successful younger sister. (Younger because she doesn’t have the lumps and bumps and general stiffness of Old Lady Card Stock.)

Hand drawn bullet journal in a classic HP

That brings me to why you’re here today. To collect your fabulous free printable. No problem. Here are the details:

You will receive three 5-page, ready-to-print PDFs:
Letter 8.5×11, Classic HP 7×9.25, and A5 5.8×8.3
Each PDF includes:
Weekly, Monthly, Daily, Notes, and a 28 Day Goal Tracker (preview below)

Click here or on the image below to grab your free printable!


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